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'I feel the Heartbeat program offered by Bank of America Practice Solutions is a real benefit for a new dentist starting a practice.'
- Stephanie Aldrich, DDS

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Bank of America Practice Solutions is endorsed by more dental state associations than any other company of its kind.

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Welcome to Practice Heartbeat™

Let us help you succeed at running your practice.

At Bank of America Practice Solutions™, we have developed the Practice Heartbeat™ Program to give our Doctors access to valuable management tools necessary to running a successful practice. As CEO of your organization, you will be expected to analyze your practice management needs, including patient marketing, hiring staff, and understanding what your production, collection and expenses mean to your bottom line.
Our "One of a Kind" web-based system offers an easy, secure means to input and review your monthly data. The comparative and benchmark graphing capabilities will provide valuable insight of your progress from month to month, and growth from year to year.
You will have access to our experienced team of  Specialists who will help you understand your data and share industry-proven strategies to achieve your overall business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   How long does a Doctor typically stay on the Practice Heartbeat™ program?

A.   Generally, the program lasts from 18 to 24 months, depending on your loan type.

Q.   Why do I provide the monthly statistics/numbers?

A.   Your monthly numbers are the starting point to understanding where your practice is headed. We compare those numbers with industry standards to pinpoint areas of discussion to offer you a comprehensive evaluation of your practice.

Q.   What are the benefits to being on the Practice Heartbeat™ Program?

A.   We have made a commitment to our clients to provide them with unmatched customer service and value added products. To be placed on our program, is to have access to valuable practice management, information, and insights gained from years of working with our many management resources. We place new owner/operators on this program at no cost because it allows these doctors to take advantage of, and benefit from, the experience our team of specialists has to offer. We are a committed partner in the success of your practice.

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